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"Orione" Cylinders and actuators are precision engineered in design &construction for reliability and trouble free performance- steel mill duty , wide range and types. For Filter presses , Material handling , Construction Equipment , Dam gates, Clamping cylinders , Slip form jacks, Synchrolift cylinders

Press types : Closed Frame, Tie Rod Press and "C" Frame

Press frame structures are fabricated from prime steel and designed to resist defection. Thermally stress relieved based on application. Precision machined to maintain alignment of the moving frames under operating loads based on the type press ad application, guiding arrangements are provided. Cylinders are precision engineered in design and construction. Power packs for the presses are designed as per application with reputed hydraulic elements and electrical to ensure trouble free operation and productivity

Rubber and Composite Moulding press , Roll Bed press ,Briquetting Press, Bush Fitting Press Forming and Dishing press, Lab Press, Filter Press ,Wire rope crimping press

Customized power packs designed robust with good aesthetics and are easy to maintain.Efficient use of energy using manifold blocks, threaded cartridges for leak-free operation, hydraulics elements and electrical sourced from reputed makesfor trouble free operation and productivity

Type: Hand lever (upto 700 bar) / solenoid operated ( upto 350 bar)

Application: Multi- purpose for production, testing ,material handling , Rotor ( wind Mill ) , Yaw ( Wind Mill ) , Flushing , Fixturing , Moulding and Forming , Intensifier

Compact Power Pack - 110 and 230 VAC single phase, ultra high pressure.